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Complete Video Solutions

Video surveillance is often viewed only as a tool for retail store, home & industral security. However, CVA Security’s complete video solutions do much more than just fight shrinkage. We help you solve a wide variety of problems across your whole organization. Video lets you create a significant return on investment that impacts many areas, including:

Smart Home & Virtual Security

Security enhanced interactive services upgrade for new and existing systems. Now you can arm and disarm your home and business, control the lights, unlock the door or adjust your thermostat from your smart phone or tablet. Now introducing Geofencing allow user to create virtual fences using the GPS on their phone to automatically control your system based on your location

CCTV Cloud Services

The CVA Security solution integrates best-in-class commercial grade cameras from Axis with our revolutionary hosted video service, allowing you to stream encrypted, secure live video from one or multiple locations to view on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Ideal for commercial, small business and high value asset protection.

Video Surveillance

CVA Security uses the highest quality with the latest technology in surveillance products to help you protect your home or business and increase it’s productivity and eliminate your losses from shoplifting as well employee theft. We work with you to design a custom solution that’s right for you. From HDTV / Megapixels, IP Network cameras, covert cameras, DVR’s, NVR’s, Video Management Software, Video Cloud Storage, We have it all. .

Intelligent Solutions with Video Analytics

CVA Security brings to the video industry the easiest, most complete and intelligent solutions for security and business operations. With real-time alerts, instant search and backup of only relevant clips, CheckVideo allows you to SEE WHAT MATTERS any time, any place.

Do you have the Right Equipment?

Residential Surveillance Systems




Commercial Surveillance Systems

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